Coming up with ideas on gifts can be tricky, additionally we often want to consider the envionement with what we are buying. So not just any gift will do. Here are five eco gift ideas from us, which we would love to get and are gifting this season.

1) Reusable collapsible cups

These will come in handy in day to day life, opt for a collapsible cup and you can easily bring it to events too! They make great little stocking fillers!

One of our favourite is the Stojo Cup, available in a lot of colours and in various outlets.




2) Spork / Reusable Cutlery

For the post work out snack or while eating on the go, disposable cutlery is the often the option. Make sure to have a spork or reusable cutlery with you. Life is a picnic!

3) Running vest with Platypus

It's incredibly important to stay hydrated while being active, and a platypus hydration pack can make that much easier and more comfortable. It’s a great gift for people that are starting to get into running longer distances. This would be a great gift and could add an entry to the Gaelforce Sky Run to motivation high this winter. 

Gaelforce Sky Run - 07|03|2020

4) Protect your gear in Neoprene

Upcycled Movement transforms old and worn wetsuits into cool bags and pouches, ie. for you racing shades or swimming goggles. These are super soft and highly protective! Killary Adventure Co donates their old wetsuits to them, so you might end of with a product close to home!

Check out their shop!


5) Race dots

Cut down on the number of safety pins and invest in some race dots. They come in handy for events, are reusable and you might find other uses for them too! Plus no holes and you can fit them over a jacket. 

Hopefully there was one or two new ideas in the mix here... If you have any other other gift ideas, let us know! 


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