We all know what is expected of us over the next few days and weeks and. As we get further into lockdown it can be difficult to stay positive. We are all going though it together so here are our survival tips this week.


  1. Stay at home. We don’t have to keep saying it. We all know the message at this stage. When you are out for your 2km brief exercise we ask that you be mindful of those working on the front line. Don’t be tempted to do an extra kilometre – you can always run back and over a few times but remember it is supposed to be brief exercise. The ability to exercise is a privilege so treat it as such. We do not want to reach a stage where this privilege were taken away.


  1. Get the bike back on the turbo. In the comfort of your own garage or sitting room you can cycle all day.  There are loads of brilliant competitions to go with. Anyone using Zwift? It’s possabilities are endless. Remember if you have a treadmill you can also use various apps,  and apps like Zwift have also got a running tab. Check out Zwift here 



  1. Do something fun each day with your family. If it’s just a walk or games, it is an absolute gift to have this time to spend with the people we love. Make it count.


  1. Adopt someone who is in need. By this we mean check in with an elderly or vulnerable neighbour or relative. You shouldn’t visit of course but just a phone call to see if they may need anything from the shop or maybe just a chat. It can be very lonely for those living alone who are cocooning


  1. Look after your mental health. Do one thing for yourself each day, whether this is your exercise or making a nice meal, it is very important. If you are ok you are better able to cope with what the day throws at you. Also remember Jigsaw are there for our younger people - https://jigsawonline.ie/


Feel free to share your own survival tips with us :)

Have a good week and stay safe.